RICECAKE’s humble beginnings go back to May 2018, when it started off as a one-off event featuring three DJs, three performers, and one go-go dancer. Fast forward to 2022 - after an instant success that has been followed by sold out events over the years - RICECAKE has evolved into a truly spectacular stage for POC artists, and an unforgettable experience for guests. 

Since its inception, RICECAKE has given a platform to over 100 different queer Asian artists from DJs, to gogo dancers and drag performers (including International fame like Ongina, the first Asian contestant on RuPaul’s Drag Race, and more!) 

More than just an event featuring meaningfully curated entertainment, RICECAKE has become a safe-haven for the LGBTQ2+ and BIPOC community.

RICECAKE gives its guests a rare look at different representations of Asian culture, while simultaneously offering exposure to varied gender identities and expressions. At its essence, RICECAKE showcases the diverse talents and multi-faceted identities of queer Asians.

RICECAKE’s mandate has, and always will be, to celebrate diversity and empower representation while creating a safe space where both the Queer community and the Asian community can celebrate the intersectionality of their existence.


Van Dang

Chief Executive Officer

Van Dang is a gender-fluid, queer, Asian revolutionist shedding light on an often overlooked minority group within Vancouver's LGBTQ2+ scene. After moving to BC from Toronto, Van noticed a lack of queer Asian representation and began creating visibility through performances, mentorship, event organizing, and by making connections between community members. In support of their vision for better representation, Van founded House of Rice, an all Asian family of inspirational drag artists and role models, as well as Ricecake, an inclusive dance party that has become a safe haven for many within the Vancouver LGBTQ community.

Bella Sie

Chief Operations Officer

Part DJ, part Event Producer, and part of the non-binary revolution, Bella Sie is an essential part of Vancouver’s LGBTQ2+ scene. Best known for their energetic DJ sets and impeccably produced parties, Bella brings life to every event whether they are on stage, or behind the scenes. If you ever find yourself on the dance floor while they are on decks, be prepared to move to a magical mix of nostalgic bangers blended with hot new hits.

Hostion Ho

Chief Finance Officer

Hostion Ho literally puts the “Fine” in Finance. When he’s not flexing his mathematical mind at his day job, you can find him competing in league volleyball, or shaking his assets on stage at Ricecake during a steamy, dreamy go-go set. Born and raised in China, and a Canadian resident since 2014, Hostion is happiest when he is sharing safe space with queer people of colour; and as part of Ricecake’s leadership team, Hostion is excited to continue creating these safe spaces for the community. Hostion holds a Master’s Degree in Intercultural Studies from Royal Roads University.


Dol Imnamkhao

Creative & Marketing

Dol is a multidisciplinary designer and art director with work focusing on brand identity, marketing and UX/UI. He has worked in local and global agencies before starting his own practice in 2020.

Born and raised in Thailand, Dol has also spent years living in Laos and Bangladesh prior to his move to Canada in 2011. Having been in different environments around different people has made him a natural investigator of social norms and a celebrator of culture and diversity.

Karim Kadi

Creative Design

Karim is one part of the design duo behind the Ricecake brand. Karim is based in London, but even overseas they’ve been bringing their unique vision to Ricecake for the past year. In addition to their work in design, Karim is passionate about creating safe spaces for the Queer POC community to come together and celebrate.

Jan Natividad


By day, Jan is a product marketer in tech. By night, you can catch him wiggling on the dance floor. He’s a writer, restaurant investor, and, most importantly, storyteller who's worked at a film festival in Paris and was a speaker at a global conference in Boston. Born in the beautiful Philippines and raised in the suburbs of Toronto, Jan is now a full-fledged Vancouverite. Ricecake played an important role in making this West Coast city feel like home.